8 Best Photo Editor android apps You should Have in 2020

Hey guys this is Pramod from Digicellcare.com. In this post, I am going to share Best Photo Editor android apps for your android smartphone. I have been testing quite a few of these apps for the past couple of weeks, and I have narrowed down the list to just 8 best camera apps.  I feel these Photo Editor android apps offer you most if not all the features that you might expect from the Photo Editor apps

8 Best Photo Editor android apps

Let’s start with an app called

1. PicCollage –

Holiday Photo Grid and Story Editor. As its name suggests, it is a photo changing utility that allows you to make collages quickly and easily.

In the first place, this app is complete mobile software for capturing multiple images one at a time and being generally creative. Frankly, the main goal of this app is to help you work hours in Photoshop in minutes. Apart from collage templates and various double exposure tools, this app also allows you to experiment with different photo effects.

Additionally, the app allows you to try different types of blending and different lenses. You can additionally add some overlays to your images and share your images online from the editing screen. There are also a variety of adjustment tools and writing effects you can try.

In the long run, Pick Collage – Holiday Photo Grid and Story Editor is a tool that will definitely turn your attention into a valuable photo. Try it now!


2. Blend Pic: double exposure and HD photo editor

The second app on your list is BlendPic: Double Exposure and HD Photo Editor. It is a collage utility that allows you to merge multiple images into one another and play with its transparency.

The main thing you need to know about this app is the narrow focus tool, which allows you to combine pics in different ways. After editing your photo you can also use it as your mobile wallpaper or share it directly to your online accounts. The app also supports the format of the Instagram story so you can post it automatically.

In its extension, the app gives you the right to individually edit and crop the resolution of each photo. Apart from this, there are also mixing styles in this app that you can use and edit. More precisely, there are over twenty blending styles and lenses.


3. Collage Maker – PhotoEditor and Photo Collage

As its name suggests, Collage Maker – a photo editor and photo collage is also a photo changing tool that allows you to create stunning photomontages with just a few taps.

The main goal of this app is to allow you to make creative collages quickly and easily. In other words, you can snap photos in your mobile library and then select the collage template. After completing these steps you will get a full-fledged college that you can edit. To be more precise, you can set the resolution of each photo individually and edit the borders.

In its deployment, it is possible to add color-correction devices and overlap all images. Apart from this, the app also has different styles of blending images. You can merge one to twenty different images into one layout. Speaking of layouts, there are over two hundred college templates you can try for free.

Try it now!


4. LiveCollage – Collage Maker and Photo Editor

LiveCollage – Collage Maker & Photo Editor is another app that creates photomontages and layouts from your pics.

The first thing you need to know about this app is that it was first created for Instagram users. Thus, its main purpose is to make simple photo montage fast and easy.

Additionally, this app allows you to merge one to two to fifteen different images. By the way, you can edit each photo individually to complete your photomontage. More precisely, you can crop each photo, add different color correcting filters to all images, and even add individual overlaps to them.

Also, after you finish editing you can play with the collage borders and attach some works or overlaps to it. You can share your images in your online accounts right from the app or use them as wallpaper for your mobile.


5. Photo Collage Pro Editor

As you can see from the title, Photo Collage Pro Editor is a combining utility that allows you to easily create photomontage layouts. In the first place, the main goal of this app is to simplify the process by which you create a layout. This app does not have collage templates like the previous one, but it is still a useful tool for your mobile. First, the application gives you the right to play with a double exposure tool.

To shorten a long story, Photo Collage Pro Editor is a useful tool for creating fast and simple collages. Try it now

6. PhotoGrid: Video and Pic Collage Maker

PhotoGrid: Video and Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor is another application that allows you to create multiple images in one.

The app contains over three hundred photomontage types that you can use and edit. The application is also very easy to use so even your grandparents can learn how it works.

It also has the ability to add color correction filters to your photo and play with overlaps and effects. There are many text options and blending types you can use.


7.PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

PicsArt Photo Editor + is a popular app for converting collage photos, it also allows you to create a photomontage. It is possible to customize each photo separately. More precisely, you can crop each image, add some corrections and filters to it, and even add text to it.\There is also an option to share or message your pictures online. However, the app works with the subscription pack, so you will have to pay for additional features. For example, the paid version of the app allows you to change vids and integrate some vids into the design.

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8. Piclay Photo Blend Overlay

Piclay Photo Blend Overlay is another app that lets you combine multiple images into one.

The main thing you need to know about this app is that it is an easy pick blending device that you can work with.

To be more precise you can edit every photo and college edging in general. You also have the opportunity to experiment with colors and fillers that can add and edit the resolution of all images. Additionally, the app has a function that blurs the back of your photo and gives it a professional look. The number of collage styles in this app may not be large, but all templates look beautiful.

However, not all layouts are available for free, so you will have to pay to unlock some of them. Advertising also takes place in small quantities that pop up from time to time.

To make the long story shorter, Pickley Photo Blend is an easy tool for overlay mixing and bleed pics that are definitely worth your attention.