Will statistics be taught in the class?

Swearer has asked will statistics be taught in the class yes statistics will be taught in the class Pradeep has asked that if there is a situation where I need to take a break due to an unforeseen situation what would be the support to continue the training I’m so Pradeep actually I missed telling this point and thank you for actually bringing up this question so what we do is that in case if you are taking a break from the program you can actually come back and for if you are taking a break for three months six months one year after that duration you can come back.

Rejoin the program in the new batch from wherever you have left that is something which we provide as an option to our candidate if you are getting transferred from one location to only another location and if you are offering the program there will be more than happy to transfer your candidature to that location, so that option can also be made available to you so that flexibility is provided swagger has asked that so whatever in the videos will be covered in detail in class also or some part of the video will be skipped so so I got everything that we are teaching in the program the modules what you have listed on the in the curriculum side everything will be covered in the classroom session and the videos what I was talking about is something which will help you in understanding the program much better.

When you are at when you are back at home but most of the learning majority of the learning will happen in the classroom session so I think we have already overshot the time quite a bit now we are already at around 5 o’clock 6 o’clock or so what I would do is that we will definitely reach out to people whose question we have not been able to answer wish Parthia has is requesting to take the question I’ll just take one more question, in that case, I just give me a second please so wish I am NOT able to see a question in the question panel if it would be great if you can just type in your question again because I am NOT able to see your question in the question panel okay.

Yes, I can see that know how you assure that we are learning properly and take the courses so that is the question of which you have asked and what we do is that there are a couple of things so first the entire module what is distributed and in a structured manner so it does not happen that we just dump every aspect of the program in one go on you everything every module is released in an in a structured manner to you in phase wise right every week every month there are certain at certain modules which are actually opened up for you and you can go ahead.

Accordingly, work on that similarly there are assignments there are case studies there are project work accordingly which are actually shared with you continuously you are being evaluated throughout the 12 months so it does not happen that only after three months or so we will ask you to sit and write an examination that is this program is not on those lines after every classroom session you are getting various assignments or case studies or project work or group discussion processes which are happening and based on that we try and ascertain where at what level or at what point of understanding you are in the program right.

That is just not theoretical that is practical and based on that certain corrective actions are taken so if you are falling behind in something you need support then the program management actually helps you out in clarifying those doubts and queries by connecting you to mentors industry faculty or anyone whom who can actually help you out in that process right so that is something which we do as well as there is a continuous program of support throughout the 12 months of the program which will help you in understanding much deeper on how we can move ahead.

So there is constant support is provided what we have noticed is that most of the time can are not able to move forward because there is no one to actually help them out when they are stuck and the program management office or program of the support actually helps you in getting rid of that hurdle which the candidates actually face so that is something which is there as well as the pedagogy of the curriculum is such that you do not find it very tedious or very very difficult to understand right and that is because of the faculty who teaches in the program right as I said when you will apply you will see one of the videos of one of our top faculties who is there who is teaching in the program that is accessed which you will be getting you can see that how easily he actually teaches and explains the concepts right.

The basic idea is to make things as simple as possible so that everyone can understand and the pace of the lectures which we are actually delivering is something which is neither too fast not too slow we try and maintain a decent pace so that people who are lagging behind a little they are also able to catch up by a little of practice and supports from our end all the faculties and all from the programs of management and so there is a constant feedback process which is there wherein we take feedback from you about the faculty about the curriculum about the program.

If there is any kind of improvement required which we do that there is constant feedback which we will be giving you that where you need to improve if you are falling behind if you are doing well how you can do further well if you are doing a project how to guide you through clearing that project everything is closely monitored by the program management support and that is how we keep track of all the candidates.

I think I have answered your question in that case and again I would definitely love to answer every question possible, but the time is something which is not allowing me to do that I can see there are a lot of questions which are still there pending to be answered what I would definitely promise you all is that you will be receiving a call from our end to answer all these specific questions which you have right now you can see there is an email ID on my screen also you can reach out to me we can have a call over the call we can discuss your profile individually because I would not want to spend more time on because the others are also waiting accordingly so please do write a mail to me anyone who wants to drop in your mobile number in the chat section can drop in the mobile number in the chat section we will definitely reach out to you.

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