How to use analytics to improve the efficiency of an organization of a process of a function?

How many ones will be placed in the organization after the completion of the course or in the middle so Sana what happens is that if we start sharing any job opportunity with you when you are only like six months into the program or five months into the program then it would not make a lot of sense because most of the things you would have not learned by then you will you would have learned most other things only by eight-month or nine or twelve months between nine and twelve months you would have gone through most of the things you would have had a good experience you would have gained confidence in terms of presenting yourself to the outside world that okay.

You can go out and present your candidature and that is when we will start sharing the opportunity so what we have traditionally seen is that within six months or so between six and twelve months after graduating from the program around 70 percent of the candidates have been able to transition a lot of them have been able to transition even within like a couple of weeks or months after graduating from the program few of them have even got transition during the program depending upon at what stage of the skill set they are in during the program and after the program, it goes into defining that.

How quickly you can transition into a different organization or within you within your own organization Luna has asked that I am a meathead graduate so instead of MBA if I choose to go with this program will it be sufficient to go and long-run now Final I mean there can be multiple answers to this I would definitely want to understand your perspective that why do you want to actually go ahead and do analytics whether the reason is that the analytics is fairly upcoming in nature.

It is showing a lot of growth had not prospects and opportunities are there if that is the reason then you need to find more valuable reasons within that are you genuinely interested in analytics or why exactly you want to move into this domain but in general, I can what I can answer you more the programs offer two different they serve two different purposes MBA is serving a specific purpose whereas analytics program is serving a different purpose altogether MBA is more related to management skill sets and education related to that whereas analytics is purely focused.

How do we use analytics within different domains or how to use analytics to improve the efficiency of an organization of a process of a function right now we have definitely seen that the demand for jobs within niche areas like analytics or artificial intelligence or machine learning or deep learning this kind of different the demand for those jobs are definitely increasing some professionals are having jobs within who have education but just within the analytics area and they are actually doing really really good people.

Who join this program like three L’s back they passed out from the program they started from a smaller organization today they are working in companies like Microsoft or McKenzie or different organization and yes it means that they will be able to go for a longer duration but what we are also realizing slowly is that you need to constantly upgrade yourself and MBA will upgrade you in a separate manner analytics program will scale you in a very niche area which is very very upcoming and in nature as well as the kind of opportunity which is getting generated all those things and both the things have separate opportunities for you depending upon why exactly you want to do either of the things.
You’ll have to share the reason with us second L has asked that how can we apply for an education loan so second though once you get an admission offer from RN you will we will be sharing the details of the education loan provider organizations which are associated with us and along with the offer letter you will have to submit the loan documents with them you can get in touch with them and they will take the process further ahead from there Anon has asked that I am in the Middle East which has beacons on Friday and Saturday.

How can I join this course so um there are candidates who do come from Singapore and the Middle East and they join our different centers some of them are in Chennai some of them are in Bangalore so that is something which they do try and manage and in certain occasions if as I said if you are missing any of the classroom session on certain occasions you can go back and check the recording of the classroom session so you will not be able to miss on those aspects otherwise Friday and Saturday anyway you are available for the classroom session Sunday is something if you are missing on certain occasions and on certain days you can take leave.

So that mixture is something which that that that is what most of our candidates who are coming from outside India they are using that facility of recorded videos to actually cover up that gap and similarly you can also look forward to that Pooja has asked that follow the cap for a candidate from engineering background what is the knowledge required in this course of Pooja I’ve already answered this similar kind of question so you need to be comfortable with data you need to be comfortable with statistics and you need to spend some time on practicing on different tools and techniques we will be starting on in terms of working on tools we will be starting from basics you will have to work upon it and build up your expertise over a period of time.

That is something which we have seen I mean in fact majority of the candidates are from the engineering background in the program so that should not be a problem for sure, so Rahul has asked that what is the salary I can expect for five years of experience in IT industry of healthcare so now uh you see any number which I will give you at this point of time will not make or will not do justice or will not make sense I might be actually wrong in saying that number what I can.

I’ve already shared what is the industry doing at this point what I can definitely tell you from my experience is that the candidates who have joined the program do not get considered just as pure freshers the experience which you have had in the industry definitely gets counted on the domain side and the compensation which you get it gets compensated accordingly what we have seen on an average is that around 39 to 41 percent that is the range in fact 45 percent 39 to 45 percent is the range of hike which our candidates have got a different experience level after doing this program so that is something which you can definitely look forward to providing the kind of effort in which you would have put in the into the program so deep has asked what is the accreditation of the program so Pradeep it is a certificate program which is wherein you will be getting us to two different certificates.

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